Before we jump right into WordPress and start creating your website, we need a few important things. The first item on our list is a Domain name. A domain name is used to identify an IP address, for example is a domain name and the IP address is If you put in your search bar you will go to Need help finding the right domain, check out Tips on buying your business domain cheaper.
So how do you go about getting a domain name? The best way is to try and go off of your business name, for example if your business was SUWP, you would want to purchase Now they’re over hundreds of different extensions you can purchase but the best and more brandable one is .com. You can purchase the domain at Namesilo, one of the best registrar I have ever used, and the prices our just unbeatable.
Now that we have established our domain name, we need to purchase a hosting service so we can host our website on the web. There are so many different types of hosting services out there that you can choose from but from my experience and knowledge I recommend The reason for that is the Support is always there if you need them 24/7 and they make sure your website never goes offline. For our website will be using WordPress platform so you can see in there packages a specific WordPress hosting service. Where you can chose to host from 1 website up to unlimited websites. This decision is up to you, depending on how many websites you like to have. The best part you can always upgrade for more later down the road.
So we have finally purchased our domain and hosting we can move onto installing WordPress on your hosting account. The first thing you will need to do is log in into your Cpanel, your hosting provider should of given you the Cpanel link and log in information.


Once you have logged in scroll down till you see “Softaculous Apps Installer”


After you have clicked on to Softaculous you will see multiple options:

  • Installations(Which is your installed applications)
  • Outdated installation(Your applications that need to be updated)
  • Backups(This is where you can download multiple backups of your website in case anything happens to your website.

We will be installing WordPress so move your cursor over the WordPress logo and click install.
This next part looks very confusing but I will be able to break it down for you.
First part Software Setup:


First line is your installation version, for beginner and basic knowledge I highly recommend the most updated version. Your hosting provider should already have that set to default but if not you can always check by clicking the down arrow and making sure the version is the highest number.
Second line is your Protocol, this states whether or not your website has a SSL(Secure Sockets Layer which ensures that all data transmitted between the web server and browser remains encrypted.) This is highly recommended and it comes FREE with Siteground. So you want to make sure you have this on https://
Third Line is your Domain Name, here you will select the domain name you want to install WordPress on.
Fourth line is your Directory folder This is where all of your files and where install your application. You can keep it the default “wp” or change it to whatever you like. If you don’t want it installed in a folder you can simply leave it blank. e.g. To install at http://mydomain/dir/ just type dir. To install only in http://mydomain/ leave this empty.


Next is your Site Settings, this is your name of your blog and your description of your blog. If you haven’t come up with a name or a description yet you can leave it default and change it later on your website very easily.
Enable Multisite is option for more advanced users who want to be able to install multiple WordPress sites together.
Admin Account Section here you can create a username and password for your admin account. You can change this at any time, the Admin has control over your whole website. Please do not keep the default password to pass. The easiest way to have your website hacked. You may provide an email address so you can be notified for updates and problems. The last part is Language, choose the appropriate language for yourself.


We move on down till the bottom part of the install. Select Plugins is an optional add on that varies depending on hosting company. These can be added later on if you’re not sure if you want to install them. WordPress provides over thousands of different plugins for you to use for FREE.
In the Advance section you will be able to change the name of your database where the website will be installed as well as the table prefixes. I highly recommend you keep it as default.
The last part are demos of themes you can chose to have installed up front. You do not have to chose one, as they can be installed at anytime. Once your WordPress website is installed, in the dashboard you can go to Appearance>Themes>Add New> and choose a new theme from there.
Once done you can click Submit! You will automatic be directed to another page where you will receive your website links. These will also be emailed to you as well.
If this article help you out, AWESOME!! Let me know below with a comment and share your new website. Let me know if you want a video!