How do I start domaining?

I bet you have quite a bit of question to ask, but where do you start? The Domain Industry has been around for decades the first domain ever registered was “” on March 15, 1985. You might be thinking to yourself it’s too late to start, the answer is no! Don’t listen to those people who say that you should have started decades ago because they’re so many domains left to register and so many domains drop every day.  You can definitely start a great portfolio with a few hundred bucks.

Now that you’re pumped and ready to start let’s get to the fun stuff!

Where do you buy domains?

 You can buy domains from any domain registry. One of my favorite professional and affordable domain registry’s is Namesilo They have the best prices and the best customer support. They also have a 5-day Cancellation policy if you mistype or bought the wrong name. Not many registries do this, and it can really get you from wasting some money.

Where do I sell my domains?

One of the greatest places to buy and sell domains is NamePros. Not only is it a great marketplace but a fantastic community. Everyone here gives you a warm welcome and answers every question you have. This is the best place to gather so much information before you buy your first domain. Another way to sell domains is to wait for an inbound contact this is when someone tries to contact you to buy your domain. This is a gamble and you could be sitting there waiting for years its really up to your gut if you want to renew your domain the next year.

My advice to you; is before you make your first domain purchase, go to NamePros and join the community. Read Read Read what many people have posted, and join in on the conversations. You’ll make your first domain sell within months, I just know it! Good Luck and I hope for the best in your journey in domaining.