For every computer user, the keyboard is one of the most important parts of the computer since it is an input device. Since the keyboard is used extensively by the computer user, it is more likely to get damaged over a period of time, and malfunction. If the keyboard is malfunctioning, the productivity of the computer user is usually greatly reduced, since the typing speed is reduced and the number of spelling mistakes will increase.

Hence computer users would like to find out the best way to fix their keyboard related problems. The keyboard problems depend to a large extent on how old the computer, keyboard are and how extensively it has been used. Most of the high end computer brands are offering fairly high quality keyboards, which are usually used for several years without major repairs. However, most inexpensive low end laptops and computers often do not have quality keyboards. One of the most common keyboard problems is that the key cap becomes loose and falls off. The solution for fixing the keyboard depends to some extent on the extent of the damage to the key.

If the key cover and the key retainer are not damaged, they can be replaced in their original position before they were displaced. The design of each keyboard will differ, so the cover for another similar key on the keyboard will have to be removed for checking the alignment of the key retainer and replacing the key retainer, key cover in a similar manner. In case the key retainer and keycap are damaged, all the components of an unused key from some other part of the keyboard can be removed and used to replace the damaged key after renaming it. This involves removing the key carefully, so that it is not damaged.

It should be noted that the size of the various keys on the keyboard is not uniform. While the number, alphabet, and other keys are similar in size, some special keys like Shift, Caps lock, enter, space bar have a different size. So the procedure for reinstalling these keys will be different, and the metal rod should also be replaced. Alternately a new key of the same brand may be purchased from hardware stores or online sources. However, only replacement keys of reputed computer brands are available, for other keys, alternate arrangements should be made for replacing the damaged key.

Another problem faced by those who are using they keyboard for typing extensively is that the lettering on the keyboard may fade over a period of time due to friction. The printing on keys of letters which are being used more often like A, D, are likely to fade more quickly. In this case, if the keyboard has black keys, a sticker can be used to mark the lettering, so that it is correctly identified. If the keyboard has white or light colored keys, a marker pen can be used to mark the key where the printing has got erased so that it can be easily identified while typing.

One other alternative option for a person who has a malfunctioning or damaged hardware keyboard is to use the on screen keyboard, abbreviated as OSK which is available in most of Windows operating system. This is a software keyboard which can be accessed using Windows Ease of Access menu in Windows 10. Due to the dangers caused by keystroke loggers, many banks are already allowing their customers to login to internet banking using a software keyboard. If the hardware keyboard is damaged beyond repair, the OSK can be used as an alternative input device. However, the typing speed while using the OSK is lower compared to a hardware keyboard.

Usually if one key is malfunctioning, other keys are also likely to start malfunctioning in a few months or weeks, since they are made from similar material, design, and have been used for a similar amount of time. So instead of replacing one key in a damaged keyboard, it is better and often inexpensive to purchase a replacement keyboard. While purchasing the replacement keyboard, those who are victims of extensive hacking should not purchase the keyboard online, and a lesser known brand should be used, because reputed brands are more likely to be expensive. So the above guidelines should help computer users, to fix their computer keyboard problems, quickly and easily.